Fully Funded Scholarships in USA for International students 2022 Without IELTS

Fully Funded Scholarships in USA for International students 2022 Without IELTS

The is no doubt that the united state of America is a great destination for studies. The country is loaded with some top-ranking universities in the world with many Fully Funded Scholarships in the USA. One thing we can guarantee you is that schooling in this country will be fun and it usually comes with so much excitement.

The degree that is awarded by the universities in this country is usually recognized everywhere in the world. However, studying in this country can be so expensive except if you have some kind of sponsorship; part of which is usually fully-funded programs.

There are some fully funded scholarships in the USA that you can take advantage of, in this article we will be going through each of them.

Fully Funded Scholarships in USA for International students 2022 Without IELTS

Top Fully Funded Scholarship in USA for International Students

The Fulbright Scholarship

The Fulbright Foreign Student scholarship program USA is one scholarship that is open for international students in about 155 countries. The scholarship is popularly known as a research program that is funded by the US Department of State and is administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE).

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The Fulbright foreign student scholarship program enables students, ranging from young to professionals, and also artists from abroad to study and also conduct research in the United State. The Fulbright Foreign scholarship is in operation in more than 160 countries globally. And approximately, 4,000 foreign students receive this scholarship per year.

The Fulbright foreign scholarship program is administered by a commission called the binational Fulbright foundation or the US embassy. All applications for the foreign student program are been processed by these offices.

Bill Gate Scholarships

The Gate Cambridge scholarship is a scheme that was established in October 2000 through a donation of US$210 million from the bill and Melinda Gate foundation to the University of Cambridge; this is ranked as the highest and largest ever single donation to a UK University.

The very first class of learners came into residence in October 2001.

Every year Gate Cambridge offers 80 full scholarships to outstanding applicants from countries outside the United Kingdom. For them to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subject that is available at the University of Cambridge.

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Approximately, two-thirds of these awards are usually offered to Ph.D. students with approximately 25 awards available in the United State and about 55 available in the international round.

 Hubert. H. Humphrey Scholarship

The primary aim of this scholarship program is to provide some selected applicants with a comprehensive experience that will help in broadening their perspectives and will in a way enhance them in taking on greater professional responsibilities.

This scholarship will also allow them to establish useful professional contact. This is a full scholarship for young African entrepreneurial leaders.  This program helps in strengthening their leadership skills through a mutual exchange of knowledge and understanding about issues of common concern in Fellows’ home countries and the US.

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

The MasterCard scholarship program helps in providing funding to the very best postdoctoral applicants both nationally and internationally, applicants must have positively contributed to the economic and social growth of Canada.

The primary objectives of this scholarship are to help in attracting and retaining top tire Master’s talents and also help in developing their leadership potential. And also strategically position them for success as research leaders of tomorrow.

This scholarship helps in providing support to 113 students that are from sub-Saharan Africa to help them study in the United State and some top universities in Canada. Scholars are usually granted a full scholarship to help them pursue either an undergraduate or a professional master’s degree program.

AAUW International Fellowships and Developments Grants for Women

American Association of University of Women-AAUW international Fellowships is usually awarded for full-time study or research in the United State to women that are not U.S citizens or those that are not permanent residents.

This scholarship is worth $18,000 for Masters and $20,000 for Ph.D. and $30,000 for Postdoctoral students. Applicants must have earned the equivalent of a U.S BSc degree. And also apply to their proposed institutions of study preceding the time of their scholarship applications.

Harambe Fletcher Scholarships for African Students USA

The primary purpose of the Harambe Fletcher scholarship is to strengthen the abilities of scholars through higher degree training and also to help in developing their potential.

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The main target of this scholarship is young folks with exceptional leadership qualities. And a promising faculty member that has intentions to conduct doctoral research in the United State.

Those applying for this scholarship must be at least two years into their doctoral program in any field of discipline in their respective countries at the time of application. The scholarship program is usually announced by the Public Affairs Section of the U.S Mission.  

How To Apply For the Top Fully Funded Scholarship in USA

It will be weird to take an airline when you are simply going to the kitchen to get breakfast. This is exactly how so many people have taken unnecessary plans and steps just to get a fully funded scholarship in the USA, here are a few easy steps to take:

Step 1: You have to know where to look. The very first thing, you have to know is where to look to find a full scholarship. And without a doubt, reading this post is proof that you are looking at the right place.

Step 2: You have to prepare in advance, you can always look up to search for likely questions and requirements that you will be asked to provide.

Step 3: Work hard and stay motivated. Some processes can prove to become very much rigorous, but a lot of times it is a way for them to filter out some weak candidates. So we will admonish you to keep at it.

Step 4: Make yourself stand out from other applicants.

Step 5: Read all the application instructions carefully. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all of the instructions and procedures are the same. So be sure to go through all of the instructions, so you don’t end up missing something obvious and looking unprepared.

Step 6: Submit an exceptional motivational letter, while on that, try as much as you can to be very realistic and don’t lie.

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