How To Find Job Opening Using Google

The majority of job openings at most organizations are not promoted; they are instead listed on their website rather than being distributed to recruiters or put on sizable job boards.

They become more elusive as a result. Fortunately, Google can handle the task for you. Discover matching gigs by using these search terms.

how to find job opening using google

The competition for new positions is so fierce that most businesses don’t think it’s necessary to spend a lot of money employing third-party recruiting agencies or placing their job postings at the top of major job boards only to attract applicants. Posting a position to the company’s “Careers” page frequently suffices between internal referral programs and word-of-mouth advertising. All you need is a little Google skill to find those unlisted openings.

What is an applicant tracking system?

According to Wikipedia, it is “software that facilitates the electronic handling of recruitment needs.” You refer to it as the electronic “blackhole” that swallows up resumes as a jobseeker. Specifically, it refers to the mechanism you use to submit an online job application for a company. ‘Taleo’ is the name of a corporation that creates one of the more well-known applicant tracking systems.

You can look up businesses that use the Taleo system by utilizing Google to a limited extent. By doing this, you will be able to find positions that are not listed on (insert the name of a popular job board here) and gain an advantage over your rivals. Let me demonstrate.

The Google search I’ve provided below instructs Google to just search (where their system maintains a number of unadvertised positions that are generally available when a jobseeker conducts a search on a company’s careers website). When I search, I enter “” I then ask Google to only return websites with “careers” in the title. “intitle:careers” denotes this.

Lastly, I include the title “programmer,” since that is the position I am seeking. Naturally, adding a job title alone returns too many broad results. I focus it by include other keywords like “SAS” and “macro.”

Repeat the process for any other applicant tracking systems you know are in wide use, like Kenexa’s BrassRing ( for example.

How to apply for online jobs in Nigeria

1. Find a job listing website. There are several Nigerian websites with a focus on job listings on the internet. In one of my earlier articles on how to find work in Nigeria, I highlighted some of the greatest among them. Look over the list and choose the items you believe you can handle.

2. Register with one or more of the job listing websites and upload your resume. Like opening a Yahoo or Gmail email account, signing up is a simple process. After entering your name and email during the sign-up procedure, you must upload your resume.

3. Begin Applying For Jobs – The third step is to begin applying for jobs when you have successfully registered, uploaded your resume, and validated your account.

Thousands of jobs are added each week to some of the categories where the jobs are posted. Search job openings by category and choose the one that best suits your skills. The majority of them include online application writing options, therefore I recommend dealing with those.

Write your application using the expert editor offered by the job advertising website. Before submitting, write carefully and rewrite. Do as much research as you can and send them your applications.

You must be careful with how you compose your application and your profile.

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