How To Get Part-time jobs in San Francisco For High School Students

How To Get Part time jobs in San Francisco For High School Students

While studying should be your full-time job while in college, many students could use a little extra cash. Pay Scale combed through our job database to find the best high student jobs. Check out Part-time jobs in San Francisco Part-time jobs in San Francisco For High school students.

All of the jobs on this list are part-time, don’t require a college diploma, and will help you cover your expenses, whether it’s for books or a keg.

Part-time occupations have been in San Francisco for as long as the city has existed. Every day, fresh opportunities emerge as a center for entrepreneurship and cultural creativity.

How To Get Part time jobs in San Francisco For High School Students

You can work in everything from food service and tourism to finance and health, in addition to the well-known tech business. San Francisco’s Financial District, also known as the “Wall Street of the West,” is a separate economy with plenty of opportunities for students and recent graduates looking for part-time financial work.

Conventions are important to the city’s economy, and they employ a large number of part-time workers due to their transient yet massive nature.

It’s no wonder that hotels are always hiring to accommodate the tens of thousands of people who visit each month. Food service jobs can be found in every corner of the City by the Bay, which has the largest density of restaurants per capital.

San Francisco’s different neighborhoods are strongly supported by the municipal government, which, together with its hospitals, is one of the area’s largest employers.

You can earn significant civic or healthcare experience by volunteering here. You can find a part-time job in San Francisco in 2022 if you’re interested in culture, gastronomy, finance, medicine, or any of a variety of other fields.

part-time jobs in san Francisco for High School Students

Working part-time will make you a lot of money in a few days or months. University students are generally willing to work part-time, both with and without investment, and offer their few hours per week. Below are a list of available jobs for Dan Francisco high school students.

Massage therapist

Massage therapists must usually complete a certificate course before they can work, but once they do, they can earn a median hourly wage of $22.00. If you’re a broke college student, that’s a great source of extra cash, so you might want to invest in some extra classroom time.

Massage Therapist is the best employment for college students on our list because of the high compensation and flexible hours. Free massages from coworkers who need to improve their technique are the best possible benefit.


For college students, nannying is an excellent side career. Nannies make a median hourly wage of $12.80 and have complete control over their schedules. Best possible benefit: Getting some more study time when the kids are sleeping.

Tax Preparer

A tax preparer is number seven on our list of the best ten careers for college students, but it may be your top pick if you want to work in business after graduation.

How To Get Part time jobs in San Francisco For High School Students

Tax preparers assist accountants in keeping their clients’ finances in order, so the position necessitates organizational abilities and will almost certainly demand spreadsheet expertise. The best possible perk: A crash course in how to keep out of trouble with the IRS.


If you’ve made it this far in college, you’re undoubtedly a smart cookie, so why not cash in on it? Tutors receive a median hourly salary of $10.70 and have the freedom to focus on the subjects that they are most knowledgeable about. Best possible benefit: You’ll develop some empathy for your instructors and TAs.


Restaurant hosts and hostesses use their young enthusiasm to greet customers and keep the restaurant running smoothly.

They make a median hourly income of $10.70 and are typically busiest at night and on weekends, so this employment won’t interfere with your studies. Best potential benefit: The complimentary meal you’ll get from the kitchen will almost certainly be superior to whatever is served in your school cafeteria.

Dental Receptionist

If you’re looking for a part-time job while attending school, you might want to explore working as a Dental Receptionist, even if you despise going to the dentist as a patient.

Dental receptionists make an average of $14.10 per hour and work part-time, making it a perfect profession for students. The best possible perk is getting free toothbrushes. (After all, every dime counts in college!)

Book Keeper

With a median hourly wage of $12.70, bookkeeper ranks fourth on our list of top occupations for college students. Students with a knack for math can make money while assisting businesses with their accounting. Best potential benefit: Getting paid to brush up on your arithmetic skills.

General Office Assistant

Working as an office clerk isn’t the most thrilling job in the world, but it’s a good way for college students to supplement their income. As an office clerk, you’ll gain experience with office life while earning a standard hourly salary of $10.70. Best potential benefit: You get to practice your cubicle design skills right away.

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