How To Get UCLA Basketball Scholarship

How To Get UCLA Basketball Scholarship

Ever wondered how to get ucla basketball scholarship as an American or even an international student.

UCLA is one of the strongest collegiate basketball programs and academic institutions in the country, so you’ll need to be not only a great basketball player (a 4 or 5-star recruit and certainly one of the best, if not the best, high school basketball players in your state) but also a great student.

Keep in mind that teams are limited in the number of scholarships they can provide, with most teams granting 3–4 scholarships per year on average (sometimes less, sometimes more).

At a program like UCLA, where only the best of the best players from across the country are recruited, there will be fierce competition for one of those scholarships.

If you are truly one of the best players in your state but are not currently being recruited by UCLA, you can always request that your high school coach or AAU coach send your game film/highlight film to the UCLA coaching staff, or you can apply to UCLA and walk-on to the basketball program in the hopes of earning a scholarship later.

How To Get UCLA Basketball Scholarship
University of California school environment

How can I get a basketball UCLA scholarship?

Be an exceptional basketball player who can also succeed academically. If you’re a top 50 recruit and meet the requirements, you’ll almost certainly be awarded a scholarship.

First and foremost, be a fantastic basketball player and send newspaper clippings to UCLA’s basketball program. If you don’t hear from them by the end of your Junior year, call them and let them know you’re interested.

Second, get into UCLA (which isn’t easy), and then spend the summer in Steve Alford’s office. Tell them you want to continue walking. Show up to practices and knock their socks off. Yes, others have done so and received a scholarship.

Thirdly, Be honest with yourself: what is your true age, height, and weight; are you quick; can you jump without a running start; and do you have the body and intensity of someone who has already made it to the NBA?

Finally, you could send a clip of you practicing alone on a court to the UCLA basketball office. For a variety of reasons, this is more beneficial than having a coach watch you play in a game. Show everything you can do on a basketball court up close in the video!

How much do I have to average to get a scholarship for basketball in UCLA?

It is not your average that will determine whether you receive a scholarship, but whether you are substantially above average or excellent.

You might be on the best high school basketball team in the country, with five Division I prospects, averaging 7 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, and 7 blocks each game. UCLA will be contacting you.

If, on the other hand, you averaged 40 points a game in a minor league in Alaska (or anywhere else for that matter) against no division one prospect and took 40 shots.

Why doesn’t UCLA give scholarships to international students?

Because it is a public school that serves the needs of California residents. While they may have certain privately funded scholarships available to offer international students, primarily as sports scholarships, they are not permitted to use state or federal funding to do so.

The US federal government manages the majority of student aid programs, and these are the rules. Taxpayer funds are not used to assist foreign residents. It is available to Americans.

According to statistics, in-state students have a roughly equal chance of being accepted. Instead of focusing on your “chances,” you should focus on achieving your goal.

As an international student, your application will be evaluated slightly differently from that of an American citizen.

To begin with, your GPA will be less important because admissions officers recognize that you may be at a disadvantage if your high school does not offer any AP or IB classes. This limits your GPA to a maximum of 4.0. (unweighted).

How much does it cost to go to UCLA for 4 years

Beginning in the fall of 2022, UC tuition for each entering undergraduate class will remain unchanged for up to six years, until the student graduates. The UC Tuition Stability Plan, as it is known, gives families unprecedented consistency in helping them manage their college costs. Students and families can better analyze and plan for the costs of attending UCLA by avoiding unexpected tuition hikes and eliminating ambiguity about the cost of their education. Please visit the UC Tuition Stability plan visit website below for further information

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