Service engineering job description, Salary and Available Jobs

Service engineering job description

Are you in search of a service engineering job near you? Check out everything you need to know about service engineering job description, salary, job requirements, and how to apply for service engineer jobs.

Service engineering job description
A female service engineer in California, USA 

What is service engineering?

A field service engineer inspects and installs technology systems, machines, and equipment for customers.

They usually work in manufacturing or on construction projects and roadways. A bachelor’s degree, as well as a high level of technical expertise and attention to detail, are often required for a position as a field service engineer.

Determine the integrity of materials and services to test and maintain operational reliability, approve design changes, and ensure compliance with set specifications and standards.

You must be informed about machines and open to accepting constructive criticism to succeed as a service engineer.

Finally, a great service engineer will be resourceful and have excellent active listening and troubleshooting skills.

Service Engineering Job Description

Using a variety of tactics and resources to effectively address client complaints.

To ensure that services are delivered successfully, communicate with clients, engineers, and other technicians.

Following up on service requests and delivering client feedback as soon as possible.

Monitoring and developing preventative maintenance plans for equipment and machinery.

All equipment is subjected to quality assurance and safety checks.

Delivering demos to ensure that consumers are informed on how to utilize equipment safely and effectively.

Making suggestions for new features and product enhancements.
Inventory control and rearranging goods as needed.

To keep up with industry advances, I conduct research and attend workshops.

Regularly writing reports and presenting findings to managers and supervisors.

Service Engineer Qualifications

An engineering associate’s degree or something comparable is required.

An engineering bachelor’s degree is preferable.

It is advantageous to have an appropriate certificate or license.

A valid driver’s license and the willingness to travel are both required.

Customer service and active listening abilities are exceptional.

The ability to handle a large number of requests without becoming overwhelmed.

The ability to maintain a professional demeanor under duress.

Excellent work ethic as well as a growth mindset.

Service engineering job description
Indian American service engineer servicing a network machine in California, USA

USA Service Engineer Salary

In the United States, a service engineer’s average annual compensation is $77,725 plus $9,015 in overtime. 487 wages have been recorded as of May 18, 2022.

Is maintenance engineering a good career?

Yes, apart from being a service engineer maintenance is a good field to work in for any engineer, particularly a mechanical engineer, because you gain a lot of experience with the quality of work produced by the construction team and the quality of materials used.

As a Construction Engineer, this gives you more knowledge and experience for future projects.

Field service engineers must be well-versed in hardware, software, and machinery. They must have good interpersonal and communication skills because they provide customer service and technical support to clients and may be required to work in teams.

What Does it Take to Become a Service Engineer?

Although no formal education is required to work as a service engineer, many businesses prefer applicants who have an associate or bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related subject.

Learn how various types of machinery and equipment work and what to look for when troubleshooting problems to become an expert in their mechanics.

To obtain expertise in the field, apprentice with an experienced service engineer. For those who are new to the industry, certain professions offer to provide on-the-job training.


A service engineering job description and responsibilities include: responding to customer complaints; evaluating and resolving customer problems; assisting in the installation of equipment; analyzing, inspecting, and reviewing results to establish the solution to the problem that the client requires; collaborates with technical sales

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